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Mirroreum – online R tools

A web-based environment for Reproducible Open Research

At SBDI we provide access for researchers and students to “Mirroreum” – an online web-based platform for Reproducible Open Research in the area of biodiversity analysis.

Compared to running R studio on your own machine, Mirroreum offers more computational resources and a standardized environment where you can rely on all the relevant packages being installed and the configuration parameters being set appropriately. A standardized environment is not only convenient for your own analyses, it is also excellent for teaching. It eliminates the need to install and set up the tools on a heterogeneous set of student machines, and you can rely on example code provided by the SBDI Support Center to run without hassle in the Mirroreum environment.

Mirroreum has everything you need for creating your own analyses with biodiversity data using R from sources such as GBIF and the SBDI Bioatlas. You can also use data from your own local sources or other sources on the Internet and perform your own custom geospatial or molecular data analysis.

Mirroreum is based on a Free and Open Source stack of software. Logging in, you immediately get access to a web-based version of R Studio with a large number of pre-installed packages such as all the packages offered from ROpenSci and more.

You can request your own account from the SBDI Support Center by sending us an email with your requested user name, email and home institution.